Hello!  Welcome to my itty bitty blog where my goal is to share the pretty stuff I see in the everyday.  The pretty stuff usually involves our darling Lou, who we welcomed into the world on August 7th, 2017.

For the past six months I have gotten to experience the world through the innocent, simple eyes of my daughter, and it has certainly inspired me to simplify and slow down my own life.  I am aware every single day that these moments are fleeting; todays' worries will bleed into tomorrows', and before I know it my babe will not need me the way she does today.

Lucky for me, I have had the opportunity to s-l-o-w down my everyday by leaving my career to become a full-time mama (among other job titles).  Before Lou came into this world I was working as a school counselor, a role I loved and hated equally; so many pressures working in the public school system!  Today my days are spent caring for Lou, doing the dishes, vacuuming, letting the dog outside twenty times a day, (hopefully) taking a shower and much more.  

I'm not really saying anything here that hasn't been said somewhere else, but these are my words, photos and thoughts, and I can't wait to put them somewhere!  

With Love,