Six Months with Darling Lou

Lou will be six months old tomorrow!  I find myself constantly saying 'this is my favorite month', but really, this has been my favorite!  

Weight/Height - I'm not sure yet, her six month checkup is next week!  I'm guessing over 17 pounds and 27+ inches!

Sleeping - Still sleeping wonderful at night.  Her bedtime is 6:30 and she usually sleeps until 7:30/8:00.  Taking three naps during the day.  

Eating - Started solids and has enjoyed cereal, avocado, sweet potato, pears, butternut squash, apples, zucchini and bananas.  Her favorites were sweet potato and pears (but she won't refuse any food you offer.)  Still loves her bottles dearly.  She eats 7 oz every three hours.  Almost on the dot; this babe is routine-oriented!

Favorite Toy - Sophie; knit bunny; burp rags.  She also loves her exersaucer!

Favorite Song - Wheels on the Bus

Things that makes her laugh - Animal sounds; kissing her neck

Milestones - She is using her hands and fingers so much more and is getting great at manipulating toys and bringing them to her mouth.  She rolled back to tummy twice a few days ago, but hasn't since.  She really just does things on her own terms!

Hurdles/Challenges - The biggest challenge is that we are trying to break the swaddle this month because she is rolling over!  The swaddle we use is really more like a sleep sack, but her arms are inside and positioned up.  She LOVES rubbing her face to put herself to sleep and it's easy for her to keep her paci in her mouth.  We bought the transitional version of the sleep sack so you can start with one arm out, one arm in and get them used to it slowly.  We had our first successful night last night of one arm out!  We will continue with one arm out for a few days then try two arms!  

What I want to remember about this month - Almost over night it seemed she gained control over her hands and has started showing so much more interest in toys.  She loves to play!  She is very entertained by cause and effect toys and you can tell she is trying to figure them out.  She is also becoming so CHEEKY!  She does the cutest/funniest/silliest things and waits for us to react/laugh.  It is so sweet.  And I don't want to forget her smile when you walk into her room after she wakes up.  She just lights up!  

Her and Alex's relationship is really blossoming and is just the sweetest thing. I'm actually jealous sometimes because she just ADORES him and sometimes favors him over me.  They are just so sweet together.  I think it has been easier for him to bond with her as she has gotten bigger and more responsive.  I'm not sure he knew exactly what to do when she was a little sleeping newborn!