Seven Months with Darling Lou

I blinked and 7 months have gone by! 

Favorite Toy - Lou has pretty much mastered the art of sitting (we still surround her with pillows though lol.)  She doesn't want to be in her exersaucer anymore and prefers sitting like a big girl on the floor.  She loves her stacking toys, her rubber duckies, Mr. Jitter and remotes.  She really likes to bang toys together.

Favorite Food - She (surprisingly) loves chicken + sweet potatoes + apples.  Also sweet potatoes + corn + peas.  She will eat these up so quickly (even more quickly than fruit purees!)  She still will eat anything you give her happily though; this girl is not a picky eater!

Favorite Song - She's loving anything that Daddy sings (he makes up songs all the times) or when Daddy taps on things.  She dances along every time.  She also LOVES the soundtrack from Madagascar 2 (specifically the song the hippo sings about being Chunky haha.)

Things that makes her laugh - When you say "Wow!" or "Thanks!"

Favorite Books - Runaway Bunny and Sophie Peek-A-Boo

Milestones - She sits in the grocery cart, at restaurants in the high chair and in the bathtub now!  She loves sitting in the cart at the supermarket and gets really excited when anyone walks by.  She smiles huge and kicks her feet at every person.   

What I want to remember about this month - She used to be quite shy around new people, but she is really coming out of her shell.  She basically loves and smiles at every person she passes when we are out.  She is just such a sweetheart.  When she is around a new person she just always has to make sure Mom or Dad are around and once she makes eye contact with one of us, she is all smiles and so excited!  

Happy 7 Month's Darling!