An Ode to the Bungalow on Durham

We’ve been in our new home for seven weeks now and we are feeling great!  We have lots of projects going on and are slowly, room by room, making it HOME. 

But, before we talk about our new home, I want to do an ode to our little Bungalow on Durham Road.  
It was such a lovely home and so good to us as we journeyed from newly engaged, to newlyweds, to new parents.  So many memories in that home, and when I look back at the three years spent there they are all GOOD memories.  I don’t remember the bad stuff, just how sweet life was and how many firsts we had there.  

So much pride in these spaces and it was truly the most perfect first home.  We did everything by ourselves (with the exception of installing kitchen counters!)

Our last hour in the house everyone had left except me and Lou.  I literally mopped myself out the front door, with tears streaming down my face!

Truly the meaning of 'bittersweet' right here.

So happy for the next adventure, yet mourning the closing of that chapter of life!