Nine Months with Darling Lou

A bit late but Happy Nine Months to little Lou baby!

New Tricks - Peek a Boo and lots of drumming with hands/toys.  She also pretends to cough, dances (of course) and "yells" when the dogs bark.

Sleeping - We finally broke the "swaddle" sleeper, cold turkey.  Lou is sleeping on her belly now and loving it.  She takes 2 naps and sleeps at night from 7:00 - 6:30 (7:00 if we're lucky.)

Firsts - Said "Mama" this month!  Ate spaghetti and meatballs from a fancy Italian restaurant; went swimming in her own little pool.

Things to remember - We moved!  Louisa has been such a trooper and so laid back.  She loves reading on her own and enjoys the Sophie books and Goodnight Moon.  She enjoys sitting, but hates being on her belly.  She isn't crawling or pulling herself up and doesn't have any interest in even trying (lol!)  Her favorite toy right now is her radio that Great-Grandma bought her!  She was 23 pounds at her 9 month checkup!


  1. Your girl reminds me of my boy, with the cheeks and the curly tuft on top. She is just the cutest ever.


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