Spring Things

For a while there it seemed Spring was never going to come here in Michigan.  But then overnight the trees and flowers have blossomed and the chilly, rainy days seem to have subsided (knock on wood!)

Louisa absolutely loves being outside and would stay out all day and night if she had the choice.  She loves exploring, digging in the gardens, picking up sticks, finding puddles to play in and going for walks.  

How many years did I dream of having my own little babe to take on walks and snap pictures during golden hour?  I am so lucky!

This is Louisa imitating what I was doing while snapping her pictures.

And that is probably my new all-time favorite photo of Lou ^.

Looking at these snaps I can't help but notice that Lou ALWAYS has a little smile on her face.  She truly loves the outdoors and loves exploring.  She's such a peaceful little soul.

Happy Spring friends!